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Help Amarula Save The African Elephant #NameThemSaveThem

September 14, 2017

On August 12 th I teamed up with Amarula Cream Liquor on Instagram to promote the Amarula #NameThemSaveThem campaign for World Elephant Day. I learned that every elephant has a unique personality. They are playful and emotional, they teach each other things, and they even laugh and comfort one another. They are beings just like us! That’s why we give them names.

Did you know that one of these beautiful animals is lost every 15 minutes to poachers in the Ivory Trade? Amarula has partnered with Wildlife Direct to make sure that the 400,000 elephants left in Africa are named and protected from Ivory poaching.

The #NameThemSaveThem campaign is simple: you can choose an elephant by visiting the Amarula website (insert link), design it how you like and share it on social media. For every elephant named and shared, Amarula is donating 1$ to WildlifeDirect. All together we can change the destiny of those beautiful mammals!

To celebrate wildlife, I created (ok my boyfriend has a few bartending skills that might have helped me a little) the perfect Amarula Cream Liquor Espresso Martini. Ready to impress your guests? Here’s how:

1) Make an espresso
2) Fill up a shaker with ice
3) Pour 1 ½ oz Amarula Cream Liquor
4) Pour 1 ½ oz of Vanilla Syrup
5) Pour the espresso
6) Shake Shake Shake – until you see foam in the shaker
7) Pour over strainer and a Martini glass
8) Decorate with coffee beans and cacao power

This blog post is sponsored by Amarula but all opinions are mine.

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