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Lexus Master Class

December 14, 2017

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go on a sensory adventure with the 2018 Lexus NX SUV in both gas and hybrid powertrains and to rediscover my own city, Montreal. Throughout a journey where tasty flavours, dreamy smells and impressive sounds
unfold, I met some incredible Quebec personalities who shape our culture and that were selected to embody Lexus’ five brand pillars. The 2018 Lexus NX is powerful, stylish and luxurious – safe to say it was pretty hard to give back the keys at the end of the day ;).

The day started at Le Germain Hotel, in downtown Montreal, where we all met for breakfast. Being a huge fan of this hotel chain, I wasn’t surprised this boutique hotel was known as a master of hospitality. What both Le Germain Hotel and the Lexus NX have in common is the Japanese art of being exceptional hosts or the Omotenashi value of Lexus. While removing their checkout times, Le Germain knew they were about to exceed their customers expectations. In the case of Lexus, the brand pays great
attention to a guest’s needs from the dealership to the road where he gets to experience the many features of the car.

Second stop: meeting the master of fragrance herself, Ruby Brown. From international model working for some of the world’s greatest designers like Chanel and Dior to opening the first Essence Workshop in Quebec, Ruby is truly inspiring. On this scented
journey, we had the opportunity to create our own perfume, step by step – mine was Wood, a warm scent for the cold season approaching. For its part, Lexus takes the Takumi Craftmanship concept to another level – which means reach for perfection in
craftsmanship every time. Perfectibility is the correct word to use as the craftspeople at Lexus are meticulously inspecting every part of the manufacturing process.

By noon we arrived at beautiful Tommy Café. Being a huge foodie myself, I knew why we were there. If you’re visiting Montreal, this old port coffeeshop has to be on your list. With its modern design and Victorian architecture, you might have seen this restaurant on your Instagram page a couple of times! Lunch was served and I was delighted to see oysters, cheese and meat platters as well as delicious coffee – of course! Again, it’s all about Omotenashi and how to surpass the guest expectations from A to Z.

Little did I know about the Orchestre symphonique de Montreal. I was beyond excited to realize we were about to meet the talented Jean-Willy Kunz, organist in residence. Having a private tour of the Orchestre symphonique de Montreal was unreal – such a unique experience! I can now totally understand why Kunz is a true Master of Sound and why he was selected to be the Exhilarating Performance pillar of Lexus – hearing the orgue play gave me goosebumps. While driving the Lexus NX from one activity to the other I could really experience the performance of the car – driver-focused cockpits, agile handling while maintaining precise control. What I loved the most about the car is the fact that even if we were driving in busy Old Port of Montreal, the car felt so smooth and silent, like I was in my own little bubble.

I have to say I had no idea where we were heading for our 5 th destination. We parked in front of an old building and had to walk a couple of stairs that led us to one of the most beautiful studios I have ever seen. The views of the city were breathtaking! We met the Master of Moments, Marie-Eve Lévesque. As a freelance photographer she got to work with some of the most popular stars in the city while capturing beautiful portraits. Her images are authentic, sensitive and creative. You can now understand my excitement when we learned she would take a portrait of each of us! Since I’m a full-time blogger and I love shooting, it was a very rewarding experience for me. Lexus is all about Imaginative Technology – going beyond what’s already been done and always striving for more. Marie-Eve is using her own kind of technology in her photos by either searching natural light or mastering the artificial light, which made her the fourth brand pillar of the day being Imaginative Technology.

The last stop was my favourite one. Having a private dinner with the Lexus team over a delicious meal created by Chef Antonio Park was by far the best way to end this magical day. Antonio Park needs no introduction, as he is a master of fusion in his domain. Each dish was better than the previous one and my taste palette was in heaven. Just like Lexus, Chef Antonio Park is creating unique experiences for his guests while always seeking new exciting outcomes, making him the fifth and final Lexus’ brand pillar, Brave Design.

The night ended with a stay at Le Germain Hotel with surprises waiting for me near the bathtub – face masks, bath bubbles and a bottle of wine. I also had the chance to leave the hotel with the Lexus NX and to drive it around town for the next week. I can now
safely say this is the SUV I need! I completely fell in love with the exterior and interior details (sporty yet so chic), the audio system, the navigation system, the cruise control (that adjusts depending on the traffic) and the cameras all around the car that makes any parking so much easier! Now the real question is, all black or dark grey? 🙂

The blog post is sponsored by Lexus Canada but all opinions are mine.

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