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LG G5 Smartphone

June 27, 2016


As a lifestyle blogger, my cellphone is my life. I spend more than 8 hours per day answering emails, talking to my publicist and snapping pictures. It’s definitely the most important tool at work, as it helps me connect with all my social media channels. My phone follows me everywhere (#bff) and no digital project is completed without him. Continue Reading

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White by Lolë

June 3, 2016


I used to train up to 6 days a week. I use the past tense here because as much as I would love to hit the gym as frequently now, my busy schedule often prevents me from doing so. What I realized through the years is that my active lifestyle was my own way to Live Out Loud Everyday (LOLË). Continue Reading

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Bedtime stories

May 22, 2016


Being an entrepreneur and working from home made me realize how important my bed was for me. First things first, I absolutely need a good night sleep in order to be creative and reduce my everyday stress. I’ve had a double bed for as long as I can remember and I was honestly counting down the days till I received my new (king size) Casper mattress. Continue Reading

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2 years of Love

May 19, 2016

Ritz (1)

20.04.16 was a special day for me & Fotaux as we were celebrating our second anniversary. I’m warning you, there will be tons of cheesiness in this post :P. We’ve been working like crazy in the past months and I really wanted to take advantage of this occasion to spend some quality time with my love by simply enjoying each other’s company (and shooting a little obviously). Continue Reading