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Lexus Master Class

December 14, 2017

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go on a sensory adventure with the 2018 Lexus NX SUV in both gas and hybrid powertrains and to rediscover my own city, Montreal. Throughout a journey where tasty flavours, dreamy smells and impressive sounds
unfold, I met some incredible Quebec personalities who shape our culture and that were selected to embody Lexus’ five brand pillars. The 2018 Lexus NX is powerful, stylish and luxurious – safe to say it was pretty hard to give back the keys at the end of the day ;). Continue Reading

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Capsule collection – home inspo

January 3, 2017

New year, new blog update! Not sure if you’ve noticed but we added a new section on the blog called “Shop”. Each week I will update my wish list and you will be able to shop all the goodies directly by clicking on the items. I will also be writing blog posts on capsule collections of my favorite items. This week it’s all about home inspo! We’ve been traveling in Portugal recently and visited so many incredible hotels that inspired me so much (on the picture above – Villa Extramuros)! I’m currently decorating my own place and here are some fun options I found online. Happy Shopping! Continue Reading

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Greece Escape

September 25, 2016


I’ve had such a crazy summer – and by crazy I mean busy. Don’t get me wrong busy is good but I was definitely looking forward to a relaxing getaway before Fall settles in. I’ve had Greece on my mind for a while now and although I visited this country 10 years ago (first #eurotrip with my backpack) I couldn’t wait to go back with my love. I could only take a week off and wanted to explore two islands so when I saw that Air Transat was offering a straight flight to Athens, I was ready to jump on the next flight! Continue Reading

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NYC with my LG G5

August 15, 2016


I planned a last minute getaway with Fred in NYC last month and I was excited to capture some great shots with my new LG G5. If you remember my previous post about this smartphone, you probably already know that it features an amazing camera. We both had such an amazing time getting lost in the small alleys of Soho, discovering new restaurants and enjoying stunning views from our hotel room. Usually when we travel, Fred is always on the hunt for the perfect pictures and I was super happy to have my own equipment to follow him around. The LG G5 was truly my best travel buddy and I was impressed too see how easy (and fun!) it was to use it.

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