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Help Amarula Save The African Elephant #NameThemSaveThem

September 14, 2017

On August 12 th I teamed up with Amarula Cream Liquor on Instagram to promote the Amarula #NameThemSaveThem campaign for World Elephant Day. I learned that every elephant has a unique personality. They are playful and emotional, they teach each other things, and they even laugh and comfort one another. They are beings just like us! That’s why we give them names.
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Amsterdam Foodie Guide

December 4, 2016

Eating out while traveling has always been very important for me – probably the part I actually prefer while discovering a new city. It’s that special moment in between touristic attractions and photoshoots where you can really sit down and enjoy a great meal. I spend hours choosing where I want to have my morning coffee, my sharing plates for lunch and my romantic dinner. Here are 3 spots I really loved from my recent visit to Amsterdam a few weeks ago. Continue Reading

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Nespresso Morning

July 2, 2016


There was a time when I was working in a different coffee shop every day. Despite the fact that it was very entertaining to discover these new places, there is now nothing that I prefer than sipping my coffee in the comfort of my home. If you follow me on Snapchat (@julia_mateian) you may have noticed that my morning essentials are a nice cup, a good foamy milk and some Nespresso coffee. This Spring, Nespresso launched two new Grands Crus Vertuoline: Solelio and Giornio. I couldn’t wait to try them because they have been specifically designed for breakfast. Continue Reading

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Air Miles x Park Restaurant

June 21, 2016


I can still remember the first time my parents tried to make me eat fish – I was probably 5 years old and promised myself it was the last time. Surprisingly I’m a huge fan of sushi (but like the girly/vegetarian type of rolls obviously) and at some point I was telling myself I would eventually have to step up my fear of fish. Continue Reading