Greece Escape


I’ve had such a crazy summer – and by crazy I mean busy. Don’t get me wrong busy is good but I was definitely looking forward to a relaxing getaway before Fall settles in. I’ve had Greece on my mind for a while now and although I visited this country 10 years ago (first #eurotrip with my backpack) I couldn’t wait to go back with my love. I could only take a week off and wanted to explore two islands so when I saw that Air Transat was offering a straight flight to Athens, I was ready to jump on the next flight! Continue Reading

Girls Night with Palm Bay


Here we are, only a few days left before my departure for a long trip in Europe. I am so thrilled to start this new exploring journey but so sad at the same time to say goodbye to my best friends. To celebrate our forever friendship I teamed up with Palm Bay and organized a cool “concrete jungle” girls night at the new and trendy William Gray Hotel. Continue Reading